Load balancing

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The load balancer can dynamically redirect and route traffic. It can operate as

  • Load balancer
  • Application layer gateway
  • SSL accelerator
  • Transparent proxy
  • Internet failover

Currently, no graphical interface in the web administration exists. In the meantime, please use the plain-text configuration editor.

HTTPS (SSL) acceleration

This very simple example provides an HTTPS accelerator. If you are using the router exclusively as a layer 7 load balancer, it is usually sufficient to use only one Ethernet interface. Below is a more or less complete example.

interface em0 {
	route default
load-balancer {
	table <servers> { }
	relay "webservers" {
		listen on port 443 ssl
		forward to <servers> port 80 mode loadbalance check tcp
system {
	http-server {
		port 4433
	authentication {
		user "admin" {
			password "veryhardpassword"
	dns {