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VMware's vApp and OVF technologies can be used to communicate information between the system and the VMware platform. For example, a system can be automatically deployed using the OVF tool command

ovftool \
   --powerOn \
   --name="Halon SR LAB" \
   --net:"WAN"="VM Network" \
   --prop:halon.ip0= \
   --prop:halon.netmask0= \
   --prop:halon.gateway= \
   --prop:halon.DNS= \
   --prop:halon.hostname=ovf-lab.halon.se \
   http://dl.halon.se/vsr/halon-vsr-vmware-amd64-3.1p3.ova \

by using vApp's OVF environment properties. They can also be configured when doing an OVF template deployment in for example vSphere Client on a vCenter server. You can also manually fetch properties using the vmware-vapp-settings command if logged in using the root access. Various settings such as

configure -- set system { authentication { user '"admin"' { password '"'`vmware-vapp-settings halon.password`'"' -- commit

or entire configurations

vmware-vapp-settings halon.boot-config | configure -- import -- commit

can be committed.